Thank you for considering Highview Property Management as the solution to your management needs.  Highview Property Management understands the importance of a professional management company to the success of any investment property.  We put in the extra effort to take care of you and your investment in the most efficient and profitable manner possible.  With our knowledge of real estate laws and our ability to apply them in the manner most appropriate to each individual owner and property, we are setting a new standard in property management.  Our current experience ranges from single family homes to 20,000+ square feet of office space, and we are always learning and growing in order to best adapt our management style to any situation.

Let us show you the Highview difference in:

  • Increasing income and reducing expenses
  • Negotiating the best rent to maximize profitability
  • Collecting rents and making disbursements in a timely manner
  • Enforcing compliance with lease terms
  • Handling tenant complaints and maintenance items in a timely, efficient manner
  • Preparing accurate financial reports that outline the property’s performance
  • Ensuring the property is always performing at its most productive level
  • Providing exceptional value at minimal cost to you

Experience the Highview difference today. Call or email us today to discuss areas in which having Highview Properties as your management company may be able to reduce your operating expenses, reduce vendor turnover and increase profits while reducing your involvement and workload.

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